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IT-Olympiad Category

School Category

Under this category, Only 7th Standard to 12th Standard Students can Participate.

College Category

Under this category, Only  U.G. & P.G.  Students can Participate.

Junior College Category

Under this category Bachelor’s, Diploma’s & other Courses students can Participate.

Senior College Category

Under this category, Master’s, Post Diploma’s students
can Participate

Individual Category

Under this category, Professionals, Individuals Person &  Other Students can Participate.

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The IT Olympiad Exam  for Information Technology Subject conducted for the students of  School, College, Professional -level. IT Olympiad is one of the most prestigious and competitive exam to crack. Cracking the IT-Olympiad is a matter of great honor and prestige, and it adds value to the resume of the candidates. Students who crack Olympiads also get an edge over others when it comes to admission to schools and colleges as well as their career.

Although cracking this exam will directly contribute towards the career, it helps students to develop a competitive mindset from an early age to younger age and acts as a stimulus for students to go for higher studies. It also helps students prepare for various other competitive exams of national and international levels. 

This is the 3rd year of the IT-Olympiad program and more than 3,000 students have participated so far.










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