How To Apply

For IT-Olympiad Exam

The eligible students interested in applying for the IT-Olympiad can do so through the following steps-

  1. The IT-Olympiad Examination Registration process will be through IT-Olympiad website ( Organization Should have to choose their one of Coordinator for IT-Olympiad.
  2. And Coordinator will have to fill their students details into Registration Form via Online platform (
  3. In case the school /college is not registered with IT-Olympiad, it can still request by contacting IT-Olympiad website or through phone (9755111691) .
  4. The schools/colleges must then return the duly Confirmation of registration to IT-Olympiad team before the due date

Required School / College for Registration :

  • School / College Name.
  • Board / University Affiliated Code.
  • Contact Details (Email address, Phone number & Address).

Required Student Details for Registration :

  • Student Name.
  • Student Contact Details (Email address, Phone number & Address).
  • Student Birthdate & Gender
  • StudentĀ  Category.